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Your Cat's Vaccinations

Treating sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of any vet’s work, but we are great believers in proactive healthcare and preventative medicine.

Vaccination for kittens is the no 1 top priority starting point.

What do they protect against?

Routine vaccination will protect your kitten against several very nasty contagious diseases, which they can catch from the environment or from unprotected cats. Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu viruses, Feline Leukaemia Virus and Chlamydia are the killers here.

We still regularly find cats that haven’t been vaccinated dying totally unnecessarily from these serious diseases. Please, just don’t let that happen to your cute little kitten.

Primary course

The initial course consists of 2 injections, about 4 weeks apart. Both are essential for full protection – if your cat misses the 2nd one, you need to start again.

If you get an older cat and you don’t know whether they have been vaccinated, then you need to start again, and have the full 2 part course, to be sure they are fully protected.

All reputable animal shelters and charities will make sure their cats are up to date with their vaccinations, before re-homing them – but please do ask and check.

Annual boosters

Once your kitten has had his or her initial vaccination course, it is really important for them to have an annual booster vaccination, for the rest of their lives.

It’s obviously just as vital to make sure they keep up their immunity, as older cats can succumb to these killer diseases just the same as kittens and puppies.

In fact they are especially important for older animals. Elderly cats are more likely to have a poor immune system. Just like us humans!

Are they all really necessary?

Well the latest research suggests that the protection given against some of these diseases lasts longer than just one year. So of course we only vaccinate against the diseases which require annual vaccination. The others are given as necessary.

This means your cat always has the protection it needs, while avoiding the worry of unnecessary vaccinations.

Annual examination

It’s always best to have a full health assessment together with your pet’s annual vaccination booster. This is a great opportunity for your vet to examine your cat for any problems that you may not have even been aware of.

Early diagnosis always gives the best chance of a successful outcome! So the annual vaccination booster is even more worthwhile.

Vaccination card

A vaccination card gives you a complete record of your cat’s vaccinations, so you always know you are up to date.

When you go on holiday, you’ll find that all catteries will want to see your vaccination card and check everything is up to date too. (If they don’t, then don’t leave your cat with them – choose another cattery).

Of course your cat is always welcome with us at our own Seaview Cattery.

So do make sure you keep your vaccination card somewhere safe.

Vaccination is a safe, reliable and cost effective way of giving your cat the very best chance of living a long and healthy life.

If your cat’s vaccinations are due, or you think he or she may not be fully protected, Please Do Call Us on 01 287 4802 to book an appointment.